25 February 2019 to 1 March 2019
Harnack-Haus, Berlin
Europe/Berlin timezone

Material & Statistics

A big thank you to all the participants of the UCP2019 conference!

Click here to download of the presentations, the posters and entries to the cloud gallery (all password protected).

Click here to find in which poster session the poster was shown.

Some Statistics:
Total oral presenters: 72

Total poster presenters: 128
Total presenters: 200

Male oral presenters: 44 (61%)
Female oral presenters: 28 (39%)

Male poster presenters: ~67%
Female poster presenters: ~33%
("~" because some first names make it hard to distinguish between female/male)

Countries represented, in order of abundance of presenters
(by country of institutions):
Germany: 30 talks (42% of orals), 63 posters (41% of posters),  93 total (47% of total)
USA: 22 talks (31% of orals), 14 posters (11% of posters), 36 total (29% of total)
UK: 7 talks (10% of orals), 13 posters (10% of posters)
Netherlands:  4 talks (6% of orals), 7 posters (6% of orals)
France: 3 talks (4% of orals), 6 posters (5% of orals)
Other countries represented: Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, China, Colombia.



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